Monday, June 13, 2005

My Apartment and a Few Hang-Ups

Our New Apartment
Our trip to Philadelphia was successful. We have leased an apartment.

I had several apartment appointments, yet it was the very first apartment that we looked at that we chose. We felt weird about it. We kept thinking, "Well, we should look at more appartments," But, we loved the first one. It is only 2 and a half miles from Villanova University and in a beautiful setting.

There are many things that I love about Iowa, yet I have already found myself loving Philadelphia too. For example, I know that I will love that I can walk to the bookstore, the bakery, and many other little shops near my apartment. It will be a different way of living since now, if I need something, I have to go to the supermarket or Target. Around our apartment, you will find a row that goes for what seems forever of shops and restraurants. I look forward to the exploration of these shops.

We went out to eat with some professors and their spouses, and all of them kept saying, "It is really hard to get into these school districts." That is NOT what I needed to hear. I am starting to feel like I may NEVER teach again. They didn't mean to sound negative. They didn't know that they were playing into the 100 insecurities that I have about moving out there, and my professional happiness being a huge one. However, I am not concerned because I already know that having my own classroom is not an option this school year. That gives me an entire year to explore and research what I need to do to get a teaching job for the next year.

And finally, I had this feeling like I might be standing out as a midwesterner in Philadelphia. Not that this is a bad thing, but I just had this feeling. It was confirmed when my waiter at a diner said, "You're not American, are you?"

I replied, "Um...Yes, I am American. Why?"

He said, "Well, you don't sound American and you don't look American. You look and sound like you could be from Sweden or Denmark."

Hmmm....I thought for sure he would say Canada since I do come from North Dakota and that is a lot like Canada.


Anonymous said...

That building looks great! I am so excited that you found a place that you like! Wonderful!
I can't wait to come and visit you!


firedancerdancin said...

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. Denmark. That's so funny. I was expecting "canada" as well when I was reading your post, but Denmark? It makes me giggle.

Your new apartment looks very nice, and how exciting that you have shops upon shops to explore!

Finally---do you know what I am the MOST envious of? You are gonna have BEAUTIFUL autumns. I miss autumn. I love our weather and I love Austin as a whole, but if there is one thing about the north that I miss, it's the changing of the leaves and the crunching sound they make under your feet and that totally romantic time when you can put on a sweater and jeans and go for a walk and smell that autumn smell---leaves and people having fires in their fireplaces. MMMMMM. Gawd, I miss that time of year!

BTW--that was the longest sentence ever. Good thing I'm not a teacher. HAHAHAHAHA.

don't be a stranger, missy! :-) *hugs!*

Eyes said...

Yeah! You found an apartment! Congrats. I'm glad you like it. I hope you love it.

Don't fret too much about teaching. I am a firm believer -- you can do ANYTHING YOU WANT -- if you want to do it bad enough -- you WILL find a way. You have an entire year to get "creative".