Friday, June 02, 2006

Bad Behavior

Today is the last day of my week without Tim. He has been in Iowa for the week preparing his summer research, but will return to me tomorrow.

Now, I eat a lot of unhealthy foods when he is here, but my unhealthy eating habits change when he is gone. Yes, they are still unhealthy, but in a way that I get very few vitamins or anything else good for me. At least when he is here, we might go for a few slices of pizza and I might get some protein from the cheese or go for a cheesesteak and eat some meat. But, when he is away, I eat a lot of the following foods...

Bagels and Cream Cheese. I eat a lot of it. Breakfast, lunch, midafternoon snack.

Iced Coffees. This comes for boredom. I get restless and want to go somewhere, but I don't want to go anywhere that requires me to buy anything more than two dollars.

I have a feeling that he is eating just as poorly as myself. Our sublet is in campustown across from the university and it is a junk food paradise. I am a little nervous that I will have a DQ within walking distance for a month and a half. Oh, by the way...I am going to Iowa for a month and a half with Tim this summer. You can look forward to lots of posts since I plan on having a great summer.


Anonymous said...


So what if you are cynical. Let it all out.

Just wondering, why have you not blogged about meeting Dan Akroyd yet??

This is Court's friend from Wheeling.


Anna said...

I just had a bagel and cream cheese for lunch. But I paired it with Apple Juice. Is that healthier? Or am I 4? Bagels and Ice coffees are staples in ones diet.

Eyes said...

Wow! A month and a half! How lucky you two are!!! If you drive by -- let me know! I'd love to meet you!