Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yes, Things That Suck

I have heard through the blogging grapevine that the Midwestern Position has become a hot bed of cynicism. I don't know where these people hang out but I am thinking it is just right of reality. And who cares if I want to be negative? Can't I be negative once in awhile? I think if I had to put a percentage on it, I am positive about 95% of the time and I can rant like the best of them the other 5%. Thank goodness I have friends like JZ who encourage my inner bitch. There is something completely cleansing when she calls and we go to town on some topic, complaining about whatever we wanted to complain about.

So, this topic is in tribute and partially authored by JZ as we chatted online and discussed the more general subject of Things That Suck.

1. Middle aged dudes that drive sports cars and "pull over" in the right lane when they are still in the right lane blocking all traffic behind him to talk on his cell phone that he barely knows how to use. That is what parking lots are for, Dude.

2. Diluted/syrupy fountain sodas. What a great disappointment for a thirsty soul.

3. People who have to have the last word and the final dig.

4. Well-deserved sunburns. Does the grosser than gross pealing ever stop. I am like a monster from some horror movie.

5. When your beloved digital camera is in the shop and you'd like nothing better than to take some sweet photos and post them on the blog.

6. When you walk by a window and catch a glimpse of yourself and think, "UGH. I look chubby today."

7. When you have been a dedicated and obsessive reader/watcher of a series of books/television series and it comes to an end. You covet what people have who have just started their Harry Potter journey or Six Feet Under journey.

8. When you say something important....something with meaning and no one responds.

9. Awkward hair stages. I deserve some sort of medal and it better be worth it. I have come to a realization that I will have to go and get my hair colored in some way. When my hair is short the dirty blonde look is acceptable, but the longer it gets, the drabber it gets.

10. Mystery bruises. I looked down on my hand and there is this huge, purple knob on my middle knuckle. Did I beat someone with the knucks?

Feel free to add to this list. There is no shame in the negative. It has really gotten a bad rap if you ask me and if you've got a problem with it....go start your own blog. So there.


Carm said...

Hmmmm. Apparently I am oblivious to your "negativity." Sara=Sunshine most days, I am sure.

You'll have to ask your husband if he has any strange bruises... perhaps you punched him in your sleep.. poor guy!

And I refuse to look at my body in anything but my skinny mirror at home...

And as far as you longing for responses when you've said something with "meaning"... well, sometimes it's tough to know how to respond when it's inappropriate for wisecrackers like myself to spout off their typical drivel.

Sara, keep that blogging spirit... don't worry about being negative (sometimes it is REAL rather than "negative") and I promise to respond to your profundity next time. Even if it is simply to say... Amen.

Rhiannon said...

To expand on your #6 thing that sucks:

It sucks to be 30 weeks pregnant and even though "they say" to buy your normal size in maternity clothes, your normal size doesn't fit. Already. And you have 10 more weeks of growing to do.

It's a means to an end, my friend, a means to an end.

Anonymous said...

adding to.....

2. Especially when you are at a drive thru or somewhere where you can't get it fixed. Sometimes you just crave that sweet syrup and it is really disappointing to take a sip of carbonated water.

3. Am I doing this right now?!

4. Taking a shower even hurts. Your forehead is blistered and peeling and you look like a freakshow (and by you I really mean me, but you get the idea).

6. More than chubby in my case. I also think it sucks that when you are at your smallest weight you always think you are bigger than you are. When you gain weight you just wish you were the size you were when you thought you were fat but weren't.

7. In blogs as well. I love to read certain blogs, but when there is a lapse you start to wonder if all is ok.

8. Just hope that they are pondering the statement rather than not listening.

9. The worst has to be when it is at your shoulders when trying to grow it and never lays right. Then you just can't take it anymore and chop it.

10. Just tell people you have such a high pain tollerance (wait, that is equally annoying when people say that).