Friday, July 14, 2006

Gratitude is My Attitude

If I haven't told you this lately, I will tonight.

I love my life.

Why you ask? Well, I get to sit home during one heck of a thunderstorm and watch six episodes of Sex in the City, walk to Thai Kitchen and order a mean order of Pad Key Mao (oooo....spicy), and consider the agenda of my less than busy Friday. Seriously, I have it good.

This is not a boast, but rather a gratitude post. I am feeling thankful for the simple fact that I am a happy person. I had a difficult time adjusting to my life in Philadelphia, but even now as I spend time in Iowa, I look forward to my future in Philadelphia. I am looking forward to our return to the east coast where both of us will start a new school year with enthusiasm. I think it is always a good time to take a look at your life and say, "Man, I have it pretty good."

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shelly said...

gratitude is a good attitude. i am working on creating a lovable life as well. it's coming along. anyway, just wanted to tell you that i am back.