Sunday, July 16, 2006

Six is the Magic Number

This has been a weekend of highs and lows.

First, my new friend Amy had her first child. Welcome to the world Payton Michelle. I enjoyed visiting Amy and Payton in the hospital on her first full day. She was beautiful and her mom was glowing with happiness.

After that special event, my friend Heidi traveled to Ames where we had dinner with our husbands and an evening out with some former co-workers from school. Unfortunately, we went to a very smokey bar which then led to the low of the weekend.

Maybe I would have gotten a summer sinus cold with or without the bar, but it definitely didn't help the situation. I had a small headache all day on Saturday as I shopped with my friends, but I carried on with high hopes for the evening.

You see, Saturday was our wedding anniversary of six years. Tim and I had plans to go out and eat dinner and then, meet up with friends for drinks afterwards. However, when Tim picked me up from my friend's house, I was driving to the restaurant and turned to him and said/whined, "Hey, can we postpone our anniversary?"

I knew what his answer would be. He is so easy going. He didn't shock me when he said, "Sure. How about Taco Bell?" It was perfect. So, we went home and put some season two of Scrubs in the DVD player. I took some allergy/sinus meds, applied the beloved Vicks rub, and got my proper sick on for the evening.

Even though it wasn't our dream anniversary, something about eating Taco Bell, watching one of our favorite shows, and chillin' on the couch seemed like the right way to celebrate our six years of wedded bliss.


Eyes said...

Happy Anniversay Sara! Congrats on six years.

Sorry to hear you were under the weather!

Courtney said...

Happy Anniversary Dudleys!!!! I miss you guys!!!

Dana said...

I think it sound like a great way to spend an anniversary as well. Congratultations!

pat said...