Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Oh No, You Didn't!

Over the past two years, I have used this blog as a place to share events, both happy and sad. I have expressed opinions, both political and uneducated. I don't hold back when I want to give a friend or family member a proper shout out. Tonight, The Midwestern Position cannot hold back an additional annoyance.

Since I was a young girl, I have had opinions. I was the girl who did not shy away from my viewpoints even as I weaved my way through the conservative crowd I had chosen as my friends. It never failed that I would be in a discussion where my exuberance would 'shine' through.

As much as I would be passionate about my opinions, I held the same excitement for the simple things like music or books. In any situation where I would share my thoughts about any subject and show some enthusiasm, a person would say the most dreaded thing a person could ever say to me...

"Settle down, Sara."

Now, a person could say this to me or they could say "Relax" or "Calm down". Either way, they will get more wrath from me than they could have ever expected before they uttered those stifling words. How dare a person tell me to settle down, relax, or calm down! I will say whatever I want in whatever agitated, inspired, and/or passionate tone that I please. Thank you very much.

If you have known me for years and years, you know what I am talking about. You have probably heard someone say this to me and seen the reaction it calls for. It isn't that I don't think people mean well by these words. They are usually trying to make nice or make everyone happy and comfortable. They also do this because I am not fitting into some prescribed idea they have about me. They might think, "Hey, this is not the positive, light thinking Sara I know" or "Whoa, I am not okay with someone loving limes that much."

Or, they could be thinking, "I wish Sara would shut up."

Go ahead, readers. I know you want to say it.


Carm said...

I am sure if I actually let myself VOICE half of what I THINK that I would be told this often.... Shine, Sara, let your exuberance shine.

Eyes said...

I have always been told that too. My enthusiasm, passion, excitement always comes shining through, too!

Hey, I have zest for life. Like it or LUMP IT :)

pat said...

I wish Sara would shut up...

wait what are we talking about again? DON'T SHUT UP SARA! SPEAK! LOUDLY!! PROCLAIM...From...the roof...tops.

ok i'm done.

beatrice out.

Dana B. said...

Sean and I tell each other to "settle down" but it's usually a joke in the context of us imitating Butthead saying "Settle down Beavis."

I think that's really the only context in which adults should tell each other to settle down.