Wednesday, July 26, 2006

RAGBRAI Challenge 2007

Today started out like any other day, but I was surprised when I was confronted with a complete and oh-so-right-for-me inspiration.

I was driving down a paved country road when I was stopped at an intersection by hundreds and hundreds of bike riders. They were all taking part in the seven day bike ride called RAGBRAI (
The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa).

The most impressive part about this display was the diversity in riders. The riders ranged from grade school age to senior citizens and everything in between. There were serious bikers and the not-so-serious bikers.

Aaron from Mathman's Ramblings is a rider this year and I have really enjoyed reading about his adventure. The one thing that has me a little nervous is the camping thing. I hate being stuck in a tent when it is storming. I hate storms in a big hate kind of way.

I asked two of my Iowa friends if they would do RAGBRAI with me next summer and they both stated a very clear NO. I would like this to be something I do in my 30th year. Something big. I would like to see myself get really obsessed with this and have it become something that I can do and be proud of myself for doing. Now, I just have to find someone who will take this challenge with me.


Anonymous said...

I believe in you. You always have such a drive to accomplish big things. Although I will not be riding with you, I will be fully supportive. Will you be sporting the oh so cool knee and elbow pads? Maybe this could be a team effort and you could create a clever name. You would enjoy this!


Courtney said...

I would totally do that with you!

Amy said...

I'd LOVE to do it with u! It's a total blast...we should put a team together. Maybe Penny and Jodi could drive our team bus!

Mathman said...

It will be great seeing you on RAGBRAI next year.