Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yuck. Cleaning.

Today, I am spending my day cleaning my apartment and packing up our few items that we brought to Iowa.
When we arrived in Iowa, the apartment was very dirty. I couldn't believe that a person could live like this. It might not have been her fault since she was gone for a month or so, but some of the filth was definitely there for a long time. For example, the stovetop thingys. They are dirty, but were dirty long before I came here. I wiped them a little, but we hardly cooked enough to make a mess. If it were my apartment and I was leaving it for someone else, they would be clean. So, I have decided not to clean them. It isn't like I get any of the deposit back. I didn't even make a deposit. I am leaving this apartment a lot cleaner than when I arrived at it.
I am very glad that I cleaned my apartment in Philly from top to bottom before I left because now we can return and it will be semi-clean. True, I will have to get to cleaning it again because after two months away, it will be mighty dusty and such. I think I am ready to be back in our cute, cozy apartment with a great couch, a hard bed, and all my beloved kitchen tools.

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