Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Home Improvement

Does this ever happen to you?

You buy some paint, put the first brush stroke on the wall and utter words that have been uttered many times on Arrested Development, "I've made a terrible mistake".

It always seems to happen but as I continue to brush and reflect, I get use to it. I gave the bathroom a first coat of Svelte Sage covering the lilac. I don't do lilac. Now that the entire bathroom is covered, I am enjoying it.

Home improvement projects just gets longer and longer. Here it is...
- fireplace screen
- find bedroom duvet cover
- paint bedroom
- research and find someone to sew roman shades for the dining room
- find fabric for those roman shades
- maybe a new shower curtain, something light
- research the price of carpet for a few spaces
- weed wack the front yard
- think about what I need in the dining is kind of bare.
- start thinking about the three season porch and what I want to do in that space.

As you can could take me awhile.


Ellie said...

The exact same thing happened to me when we painted our office Restfull. I was sure the soft green we picked out was going to be puke green instead. Now that it is on the wall, I would paint the whole house that color.

Carm said...

Wow. Ambitious! Good Luck, my friend. You are starting to sound like Marci!