Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Midwestern Crush: Keith Olbermann

I guess it isn't normal to develop crushes on television newscasters and commentators, but I do it at such a regular interval that I have to wonder what it is that I love so much.

Take my new news boyfriend, Keith Olbermann. I enjoy watching him on MSNBC every night with his show Countdown with Keith Olbermann. I love his clean cut style and of course, I love his politics. Also, he points out the ridiculous with the news and the news makers. I enjoy any newscast that gives American Idol as much time as the 2008 Presidential race.
Each evening, he shares the worst person in the world. He is the first newscaster to point out when stupid people do stupid things. That either boosts my ego or just makes me laugh. Sure, he's 48, but he is my new boyfriend.


Mathman said...

I guess it looks like my mom has some competition for Keith's attention. :)

pat said...

i loved Olbermann when he was on SportsCenter. He was one of the best.

i truly enjoy those cd's you made. top notch, yo.