Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Zoo

I took in another Philadelphia adventure today, The Philadelphia Zoo. I took the kindergarteners on a field trip. It is a totally different experience taking a group of children to the zoo rather than when I go with Tim.

My feelings about zoos are very conflicted. I feel bad when I see the polar bears sleeping in the hot sun since I know their natural habitat is where it is cold. When I see a crocodile in a pond the size of my bathtub, I know he would be happier somewhere bigger. The elephants are the saddest to me. These are huge animals that go in herds and are confined to a small space. Thankfully, the elephants are moving out of the Philadelphia Zoo to a big land preserve.

On the other hand, I like zoos because I love to see the animals. Today, the big cat house was amazing. All of the cats were active and came right up to the window where the children could be face to face with a real tiger, lion, and puma. The gorilla put his hand up to the glass and the children did too. If it were not for zoos, the children would never see these animals except on television.

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