Saturday, May 05, 2007

Plant of the Week

I guess you can add gardening to the following list...

friends and family
good television

because I am currently obsessed about it. If you recall, I had several photos of mystery plants on the blog. Well, days have passed and things have bloomed. I thought you might want an update for the flowers.

Thanks for helping me identify the holly plant. I plan on trimming that up next weekend.

Remember this plant?
Well, check out what it has turned into...
I still do not know what it is called, but I love the purple flowers that have come out of it. I hope they last all season. If you know what this is called, I'd be glad to know. Click on it to see a bigger view.

Remember this plant?
Well, check it out. It has blossomed into some beautiful hostas. Everyone was right! Thanks for the help. They are sprouting up all over the landscaping. I will be glad when they fill up the space.

So, here is mystery plant/flower of the week? Who knows what this is called?
Here is the full view and the close up view of the flowers. They are so small and delicate. I love them. Seriously, I am in the bottom of my class when it comes to horticulture.


shelly said...

that looks like a bleeding heart to me. but i am no expert either.

super rachel zana said...

Hi! This is a white bleeding heart! My mom used to have one of these when I was little. I used to feel bad for the bush because I thought it was hurting since it was bleeding.

Carm said...

I really like bleeding heart. Here's a pic I took in May of '06 of one near my apartment...