Monday, May 28, 2007

New Places

Last night was a flashback to when I first moved to Philadelphia. Dar Williams, a folk singer who I dig, was playing a concert in a park near our suburb. This suburb is also near the second biggest mall in America. When I first moved here, it was one of the first places that I took an adventure. So, as I was driving, I started thinking about how far I have come.

When I first moved here, I did everything by myself. Tim was busy at work and I was only working part time. I would find my way to new places and neighborhoods and here I was again, finding my way by myself to something new.

The concert wasn't meant to be because even though I had found the park and set up my lawn chair, it was canceled because it began to storm. I was able to catch the first act but wasn't going to get soaked or electrocuted for some folk music.

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