Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I Ate It

I am a little behind the times when it comes to burrito consumption, but tonight I broke free of the refried bean chains that have kept me from a variety of fast food burrito chains that people have been enjoying for years.

I enjoyed my first huge burrito at Santa Fe Burrito. It is comparable to a Chipotle or Qdoba burritos. I have to say...I am not too impressed.

First of all, it is too big. I could only eat this with what I consider level one friends and family. These are people that have seen me at my worst or they don't have a choice but to still love me. It is not a pretty eating experience. I would hate to eat this tortilla mess with co-workers that I do not know very well. Even worse, if I were in the dating scene, eating this on some sort of first to twentieth date. I actually ate this with a person that I am just getting to know, so I have no memory of the taste of the burrito. All of my energy was spent on not making a damn fool of my cheesy self.

For those of you who know me well, you might have guessed that it was the cilantro that has kept me away from the burrito joints. I can't stand cilantro. Cilantro has made its way into most Mexican establishments and I am against it. So, I asked my friend at Santa Fe Burrito if this has a lot of cilantro and he said no, but it was a very unsure no. But, it was okay. I didn't taste any.

You know me, I usually have glowing reviews of things even when I only sort of like it. I like the burrito, but I think I like it for my secret Sara behaviors like barrette wearing and peanut butter on everything.

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Carm said...

Ahhh... cilantro. I am a latecomer to this herb (is that right, herb?)... I LOVE it. Cilantro and lime make pico de gallo one of my favorite things in this world.

Well, it's good you know what you like, right?