Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jersey Girls

I have taken many adventures since moving to the North Atlantic region, but this is the first weekend that I have spent time in New Jersey. I took many interstates and turnpikes to get to my friend Courtney's home to help her celebrate her birthday.

I have met many of her friends and enjoyed their interest in my exotic roots of North Dakota. One of my favorite parts of the weekend so far was going to a local bar where karaoke was being held. These people were serious. So serious that they didn't even need the words that were on the screen. They had been practicing! At one point, this guy got up and he sounded EXACTLY like Bruce Springsteen. He sang three songs and when he was called up for his last song, he sang "Jersey Girl". All of the women except for Courtney and I were swooning. Swooning, friends. At one point, Courtney was talking to another woman and she turned to Courtney and said,

"Have some respect, Courtney."

I have a feeling that this was half in jest and half serious. Too funny. Jersey girls are so much fun. They are a new favorite group of mine.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Dudley...Delta Dawn here. haha.

There was at least one or two karoaoke-ers who were not so practiced or so serious (and very nervous)! My debut with the mic was simply to add a funny note (or two or three!) to Courtney's birthday celebration and to show my support to a sweet North Dakotan for "movin' on up!" to visit New Jersey.

It was so great to meet you. Come back soon. Sister and I await you're return!! Any friend of Courtney's is a friend of ours!

Delta Dawn
(a.k.a. Cathy D.