Monday, January 21, 2008

Michael Jackson Monday

Did you hear that today was Blue Monday? This is supposed to be a sad and downer of a day because of all of the reasons that people are usually bummed out. Some scientist did a bunch of research to determine that today is Blue Monday. Do you feel blue? I don't. I just feel like it is cold and things are kind of boring.

Okay, maybe I am feeling a little guilty because I should have been doing something helpful and kind to help the world on this MLK holiday. Instead, I used it to get caught up in kindergarten and clean that mess of a classroom. Okay, I guess that helps the kindergartners...and me.

And maybe I was feeling a little something because where I usually just put the ipod on shuffle and the odds are in favor of some folky singer-songwriter, I found Michael Jackson and listened to him the whole way home from school today. The song list went something like this...

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Rock With You

Beat It

Then, I started reminiscing about how I used to listen to MJ in my basement with his Thriller record open to the photo of MJ with his two little white tigers. At the time, I thought those two little tigers were so cute. Now, when I look at it, it is kind of creepy. Man, I loved Thriller. Beat It is my favorite.

Call me a simpleton, but maybe what everyone needs is a little 80's pop music to get them out of the downers.

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Carm said...

Personally, I just love "Billie Jean".