Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Midwestern Mixed Tape, Vol. 1

Before you start to read my blog, press play on today's mix tape. Mixed just for you, readers. Oh, then, open a new window because this post will take only about 30 seconds to read and process and you will want to hear all of the tunes. I am feeling bossy. Sorry...some are just a sampling of the tune.

I don't care what anyone says. Being a kindergarten teacher is a hard job. I won't go into it because, well, that is unprofessional, but I am completely exhausted tonight. There is nothing left for me to give to anyone. I am spent.
Are you like me? Do you have an "I Deserve It" mentality when it comes to your weaknesses? Tonight, I think I deserve the delicious buffalo chicken cheese steak. However, I will stay strong and not give into this temptation. Instead, I will deserve some new tunes from itunes. I deserve songs too.
Have discovered a pattern with this post.

ME. ME. Me.

If this was a perfect world and I was a size 6, this is the completely incomplete list of things that I feel I deserve when I am feeling all selfish and lacking a 31 year old's perspective...oh, I do realize that in reality, I really just deserve to breathe. The rest is up to me.
  1. Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak
  2. Teleportation
  3. A Snow Day
  4. World Peace...can't forget that one.
  5. Some sort of television marathon during that deserved snow day
  6. My bangs to have some consistency from day to day.
What do you deserve tonight?


Ellie said...

Teaching 5 year olds is a tough job. They can be so energetic.

After the week I've had, I deserve a 3 hour uninterrupted nap... and some scrapbooking time.

alli said...

I deserve a glass of wine...and I had it! Hope to see you guys soon.