Monday, January 14, 2008

Just Another Monday Night

I just wrote a whole post about the difference between pride and self-respect, but then I felt a little bit like Dr. Phil. The long and short of the post was that I think too much pride keeps us from living a rich life full of relationships, moments, and adventures. Nothing new in that thinking.

That being said, I have some topics that I would like to discuss that are not so deepy-deep-deep. My friend is having a baby. She likes traditional names. I hate to boss you, but please share your favorite girl baby name. AND...(this is important)...if you have a strong opinion about a name that is shared by a reader, please keep it to yourself. People say the craziest/rudest things when people share their baby names. I remember when a friend shared with her mother that she was thinking of naming her son, Murphy. Her mother told her that was a dog's name.

I just purchased some new/old tunes from itunes.
"And She Was" by The Talking Heads - I think I will dance as I make my Easy Beef Bourguignonne.
"Watch Us Work" by Devo - I think I must have been going through a 80's thing tonight.
"Raspberry Beret" by Prince - Yep. Definitely going through an 80's thing.


Mrs. T said...

Oh, I love picking out baby names! Being a teacher, I of course am inundated with the trendiest names- usually a few years down the pike. I also get the wacky names and the names that I associate with the more, shall we say, "challenging" students.
So, right now I really like the name Margaret - but not Maggie. I also like Alice, Lila, Nora, and Adelaide. My friend is a pediatrician and she says EVERYONE (at least everyone in Madison) is naming their kids-boys and girls- names of the Aidan variety. Aiden, Caden, Jaden, Zaden, Maiden (probably not, but funny, eh?), Grayden, Shayden.
My 2 favorite names are already taken- by my own 2 bundles of joy, Claire Eleanor and Lydia Irene.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. T - love love love the name Claire.

Sara - is this our mutual friend we're talking about? If so, she discussed some names with me, and you're going to laugh but the one I like the best for her is Sarah - or Sara :-) It fits with the other two but is only 2 syllables, so not such a mouthful when saying their names all together.


Sara said...

Yes, Rhiannon, it is our friend. I also suggested Sara to her...only because it matched the other two girls.

Sara Hondl said...

If she is thinking about 3 syllables, (or ending with an a )how about Samatha, Amelia, Sophia, Ella.

rachelzana said...

I love old fashioned names! (Sarah and Hannah, of course) Clara, Sophia, (I know these have already been mentioned) Anna, Ava, Solvieg, Elizabeth, Emma, Anya. And, uhm, Rachel. Maybe it's unfair to pick your own name, but mine has served me well.

Carm said...

I guess I am a traditionalist and like some old fashioned names. I also like names with versatility. I know an Elizabeth who goes by Liz, or Beth or Liz-Beth, or Elle, or even her full name... Maybe it's my mercurial nature but I like a name that can do that.. I also like Katharine (as in Hepburn or Kathryn as in my cool Canadian great aunt). All the names mentioned are great and I even like the Maggie and Meg of Margaret. I tend to avoid trendy names. I think the last name is a very important thing to consider when naming a child. (Syllables and the sound of the full name overall)

I grew up with an unusual spelling for my name... Carmyn. I didn't choose it but it does tend to be something that grabs people's attention. It has also caused me to have to spell my name quite a bit overtime.

Another name I like is Nora.

Anonymous said...

I love Simone. My cousin named her daughter that, so I felt like it was off limits. Victoria is pretty, too, but I didn't want to curse my child with the initials "VD".

Leah is also nice...


Anonymous said...

Kevin and I love the name Sophia and have loved it for quite awhile. :-) Although I think he likes Sofia, which i think looks ridiculous. Btw--it's "official" now (more or less) so if it comes up, it comes up. :-)

yay babies!

Anonymous said...

This subject came up on a message board I frequent; someone wanted suggestions for baby names. Another person volunteered this website, which is a riot (if you like snark, anyway ;) ):

When we were choosing names for our children, it seemed like the hardest part was finding names we both liked. I also wanted the names to be "normal," but not overly common and not weird. Names that people would automatically know how to spell, preferably names where the gender is obvious. But yeah, you also have to (or should... if you check out the above website, obviously some people don't) think about initials, and how it goes together with the last name, etc.

So while there are plenty of names that I like, I'd need to know the last name (or have a few hints, like # of syllables, sound it starts with), to come up with good suggestions.