Friday, June 27, 2008

Berry Good

Does anyone else want to jump for joy for berry season? I came home from Produce Junction today with the works. I put those berries to work and made a pie. Of course, I saved some too just for snackin'. This is a photo pre-pie.

During the week, I am usually at work. However, I get each Friday off during the summer. I drove around more today than I usually do since I am hunting for decorating treasures for our three-season porch. Unfortunately, other people were driving too. I forget how impatient people are. I forget what bad drivers people are. Rude too.

It takes a lot of mental stamina to go on errands and not come home vexed. As I stand in line watching a middle aged woman lose her patience with the 80 year old woman taking too long to bag her groceries, I get angry. I offer to help the lil' old lady who accepts my help. She confides in me that the middle aged lady is making her feel uncomfortable. I reassure her that she is in the regular check out and if the other woman was in such a hurry, she should have gone to the express or self-check out. I say it loud too. The middle aged woman looks at me like she wants to say something to me, but realizes that I am right and just waits. Now, who is feeling uncomfortable. Not me.

I am so tired of the impatience in the world. I want people to stop honking. I want people to relax. I want people to stop complaining...oh, wait, I am doing that right now. UGH.

Well, you know what I mean.

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