Monday, June 09, 2008

Three Paragraphs

It is brutally hot today in Philadelphia. However, I am one of the lucky ones who can find relief with our air conditioners. Driving to work today, I told Tim that we are lucky because we do not have to work outside or have a long walk to work on a day like today. Sadly, you have to belong to a swim club if you want to beat the heat at the pool. It isn't like in the midwest where you just go to the public pool and pay a few bucks and get to swim. So, I water my flowers and get a little water on me too.

On a different note, I think I might be done blogging. I know this is shocking and I am only considering it, but I feel like I do not have anything to write about lately. I am not throwing in the towel, but I wanted to let you know that I am thinking about it.

Tim is forcing me to watch "War Games" tonight. Not good.


Carm said...

Oh dear. I certainly hope you don't depart from the blogosphere... I always look forward to reading your blog and seeing what music you are loving or what fun things you've been up to. I was going to comment on your Finally post that I was excited to hear more of your "mild adventures."

Sara Hondl said...

You cannot stop your blog! Period.

ellie said...

I love your blog! I'm surprised you feel you don't have anyhting to write about. Nothing? There has to be something. What about Hilary's departure from the presidential race? I always love to hear your views on things.

rachelzana said...

Good heavens! Don't stop now! For more than four years I have checked your blog every day after lunch. It's like dessert. You will find lots to write about! If you're really stuck, email me and I'll send you a list of off the wall topics or something!

pat said...

War Games is awesome and you should feel fortunate to have a husband with such good taste!

Rock on, Tim.