Saturday, June 28, 2008

A New Tool

This bad boy has a new home in the corner of my kitchen. I purchased the KitchenAid Artisan Mixer today and plan to spend the next forty-five years using it to make sweet treats and more.

Like all prized artifacts in my life, it is deserving of a name. I don't name things lightly. He might remain unnamed for several weeks until an event takes place or a treat is made and it comes to me.

It is onyx black and that might lead to a name too. Now, I just have to take better pictures of my food that I make. I have been experimenting with a different feature on my camera that helps focus on the food item that I want to see in each photo.


Carm said...

Congratulations. I know Marci got one of these lately. She was pretty pumped too. I need to cook and bake more to make it worth the owning. Good luck breaking her in. I look forward to the yummy descriptions and recipes you are often posting.

Jersey Girls said...

Dudley, my Dudley! Did you steal someone's ATM card afterall? I thought it was just a "if I were a theif..." kinda wish list. But now we see this Kitchen Aid mixer gracing the corner of your kitchen. It is a shame your recent bad fortune made you turn to this life of crime, but hey, pass the cookies, will ya?!?!?!?!