Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Adventure: Carly Simon at Free at Noon

Another Friday has come and gone with another free concert at WXPN. After last Friday's treat of James Hunter, I couldn't wait to see who would be performing. Then, I received the email that the legendary singer/songwriter Carly Simon would be performing!

Not only did Carly Simon grace their stage, but Yael Naim who is a newbie to the music scene. You might be more familiar with her Apple commercial song "New Soul" for the new thin ibook.

Carly Simon was promoting a new CD so she performed several songs from that CD. They were quite sentimental, but I was patient for some of her classic material. That has to be frustrating for artists. There are some musicians who I love everything they have ever done. But...with Carly, I just want to hear "You're So Vain", "Let the River Run", and "Haven't Got Time for the Rain". Well, she sang the first two with new arrangements that made the old songs fresh and interesting.

Her son, Ben Taylor, also performed with her. Without knowing the connection to Carly Simon and James Taylor, I had become a fan of his music. I actually had more Ben Taylor on Iris the ipod than his mom. I still can't believe that I live so close to such a great opportunity each Friday. Thankfully, I have the luxury to have Fridays off of work and can venture downtown to enjoy it.

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Erin said...

I love Carly Simon! She always makes me think of my mom and how I used to listen to Carly Simon albums with her when I was really little. I know what you mean though re: how we just want our favorite artists to play the songs we love and forgo their new stuff. I bet they hate all of the songs we love -- especially "You're So Vain." Poor Carly, but good for us :)