Saturday, April 21, 2007

Calling All Gardeners

This is my first attempt at gardening. We have this little rectangle space that begged for some flowers. I planted two hostas and five other flowers.

However, I find myself stumped and frustrated as I clean up the other parts of our landscaping. Because we did not landscape, we have mystery annuals. I have enjoyed the daffodils, but there are several that I am clueless about.

My biggest fear is that they are baby trees that are growing all over my yard. I just need answers. This is where you all come in. I am hoping that some expert gardeners read this blog so they can give me insight. I am posting pictures and if you know what these plants are, please comment. Be sure to refer to them as "plant #1" and so on. Also, if you have tips or opinions on loving or leaving this plant, tell me that too.

Plant #1
Click on any of the photos to get a close up.

These are growing in about four different places in my landscaping in the backyard.

Plant #2
They seem to be opening up and this mystery could soon be solved. I am hoping for some lovely flower that will bloom all summer with my love and attention.

Plant/Shrub? #3
These plants do not have any height to them. They just lay there. They have a pretty purplish hue to them along with the green.

Plant #4

This is the view from the top. It stands up to my knees. It doesn't have thorns, but it looks very healthy.

I am feeling horticulturally delayed here. Help me out.


Joe & Ellie said...

Plant #4 looks like some kind of Holly bush. If it remained green throughout the winter, then I would say it is almost definitely a Holly.
There are hollies all over down here in Memphis.

me said...

#2 looks like some sort of Hosta

#4 is holly

Don't pull them up! Annuals get expensive if you have to go buy them! If you don't like where they are, just dig them up and move them. Most can take anything.

Mathman said...

Plant #1 looks like hostas. I have some that look just like that right now.

Eyes said...

#1 is a Hosta (100% sure)

#2 looks like a hosta (80% sure)

#3 look a lot like a weed we have here but I am not sure ours is shiny like that. Perhaps it is some perennial. I'm stumped.

#4 is Holly :) Christmas Holly (100% sure) To get blooms you need a boy and a girl species :)