Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not Much

I want to write something, but I really do not have anything to write. Life has been pretty uneventful and I have not been involved in anything too interesting. So, that leads to what I consider a lazy person's blog entry. Bullets. And not the violent kind. The kind that are simple and concise.

  • I saw two men screaming at each other with their man chests all puffed out at each other. It amazes me that human men are just like animals when they come into conflict. Animals react that way.
  • I just realized that all of the American Idol finalists are hard-core Jesus lovers. I discovered this as I read their celebrity playlists on itunes. A lot of Michael W. Smith and worship songs. Now, I won't judge them on that. I have a soft spot for the days when I was all saved in junior high.
  • American Idol is also singing "life anthems" tonight. I am not sure if I love this season. I am pulling for Jordan Sparks at this point. This is not why I am pulling for her, but I have to say, she just reminds me so much of the crew that I hung with in high school. She can throw a huge smile on whenever it is asked of her. She is overly-excited about everything.
  • I usually have two 'go to' baby gifts that I give for showers, but this might be added to the list.
  • And finally, because you haven't wasted enough time today, try this.

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shelly said...

i am a little embarrassed by how much fun i had making my people sing. i might spend much of my day doing that. better than internet karaoke, yes?