Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I am super crabby today. No reason. Okay, maybe I have a reason but it is too boring and mundane to write about on my lovely, non-crabby blog.

Today, I am longing for the days in Iowa where I knew what was going on. I knew what was expected. I long for the days that I could just sit in my friend's classroom after school and crab. I have no one to crab to here.

Here are the high points to my day:
1. I am eating Thai food tonight.
2. I am going to Blades of Glory tonight.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you're crabby. But have fun eating Thai and watching the movie. Post a movie review here, would ya? I've heard mostly good things so far...


Mathman said...

Please let me know how the movie is

Leif said...

I thought this WAS the classroom you could come to in order to crab. Feel free to crab away.

Carm said...

Oh my goodness... wasn't Tuesday just the crabbiest... crappiest day?! It was for me too. I would love to offer my ear for venting. I can Sooooooo relate. to frustration. I'm sure.