Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Rolling Stone has put together a little list they call the Undisputed Guilty Pleasure Bands list.

First of all, I love a nice list.

Second of all, I feel no guilt. I do not live in an ipod of shame. Instead, I proudly checked my itunes library to see how many of these artists Rolling Stone would say besmirch my playlists.

For your voyeuristic pleasure, I have listed my opinion and number of songs by each artist that currently hangout in my itunes library.

1. Rush (0 songs)-No. NO. NOOOO! I can't stand Rush. I don't care that I love most Canadian things. I don't do Rush.

2. E.L.O. (0 songs)-My husband is a fan, but I just don't get this one.

3. Journey (3 songs)-My relationship with Journey has come full circle. My first memory is Steve Perry standing at the front of a melodramatic rock video pyramid with his fist clenched in pop glory. I hated it. Now, for nostalgic reasons, I love it.

4. ABBA (3 songs)-No one does wedding dances better than Abba.

5. Chicago (5 songs)-Keep in mind that Chicago went through their ballad stage when I was around 13 years old so I have my nostalgic self wrapped up in pining for boys to these songs.

6. Boston (2 songs)-I love the slow start to "More Than a Feeling" and then, it unabashedly ROCKS, my friends!

7. Foreigner (2 songs)-I think I have my friend Jodi for these two little lovelies. I like to pump my fist in a 1980's mocking fashion when this tune comes on the ipod in the car. It embarrasses Tim.

8. Bread (5 songs)-What kind of girl has FIVE Bread songs?? A girl who likes nothing better than be sad to "If" and the funny little plucking at the beginning of the song. Oh, I love "Lost Without Your Love" and you all should.

9. Bon Jovi (2 songs)-I thought it would be more, but this is respectable since I was a teenager during their glory days. I tended to listen to Bread instead of the hair bands of the time.

10. New Edition (0 songs)-I did have the Bobby Brown tape, but I haven't transferred my love to the digital age yet.

11. The Monkees (6 songs)-I love them. I have since I watched them on Nick at Night and memorized the theme song. My favorite song is "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You". I have memories of driving down I-29 with my friends in high school driving to graduation parties singing to the Monkees tape. Nerds.

12. Motley Crue (0 songs)-No crue. I think I was traumatized by my brother's posters that he had in his room. I thought they were scary.

13. STYX (2 songs)-When I feel like a rebel, I like to crank up "Renegade". I long to karaoke this number.

14. Eddie Money (o songs)-Shocking. I need to buy me some Money man. I loved "I Wanna Go Back" and "Take Me Home Tonight" when I was sitting next to my duel deck tape player.

15. Simply Red (0 songs)-Thank God.

16. Kelly Clarkson (3 songs)-Doesn't everybody?

17. America (0 songs)-Lists like these are great for me to rediscover songs that I love. I will now buy "Sister Golden Hair".

18. Wham (2 songs)-It is really hard for me to separate Wham from George Michael, but I will. "Freedom" by Wham is their under appreciated swan song before the solo days.

19. R.E.O. Speedwagon (4 songs)-I am proud to say that I have karaoked two R.E.O. songs. Of course, they were the sentimental ballads that every person (and you are lying if you deny this) like to sing to in the car.

20. Poison (0 songs)-I know others dig Poison, but I just don't. However, if I had to, I am sure and positive that I could sing "Every Rose Has a Thorn" since I was forced to listen to it at every junior high dance from 1989-1992.

21. Lionel Richie (11 songs)-I am going to go ahead and put my Commodore songs with Lionel. He was basically that whole band anyway. Favorite Lionel song..."Easy". I know this guy who claims that Lionel is his favorite out of everyone. Everyone. That is a bold statement.

22. Kansas (0 songs)-See, I think I would feel guilty for having a Kansas song in the collection.

23. Air Supply (5 songs)-Did you know that Air Supply had five songs? Yes, they all sound a like, but that is about 25 minutes of one great sap song.

24. Hall & Oates (7 songs)-If you know me at all, you know I love Hall & Oates. They are from Philly, you know. They are performing for Fourth of July and I am going! I would like to see a huge comeback for Hall. The man can sing. Don't argue with me about this.

25. Britney Spears (2 songs)-I do have a little shame about this one, but there is definitely a time and a place that you need to have "Toxic" on the playlist followed by "I'm a Slave 4 U". Right? Right? Don't let 'em get you down, Brit Brit.


Anonymous said...

Sara, if you're going to give in to some Poison, I highly recommend Talk Dirty to Me. I know you love wedding dances, and this is a popular choice amongst my college friends. Also, I know you like songs that you can do actions to, and this fits the bill, complete with air guitar solo. Consider it.

Leif said...

Here you go, Sara, this should hopefully satisfy your Hall & Oats needs for a little while. They are two rough dudes.



Mathman said...

I don't have songs by most of the artists on that list. I do have several Bon Jovi songs though and a handful of Motley Crue songs as well. Lionel Richie also makes a respectable showing in my iTunes library. And I have to admit, there is no reason for feeling guilt about having these artists on one's playlist.

Of course there are those artists whose presence on my playlist should bring me shame, but I won't mention them here.

pat said...

this may be one of the best posts i have ever seen, but they DO have a lot of 80's stuff in there. there ARE guilty pleasures from the last two decades.

actually they are just good bands that nobody listened to. nevermind.