Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Glamour of My Life

Two words, friends.

Periwinkle trim.

Since moving into my new old house, I have been tormented by the sunshine yellow walls and periwinkle trim in our bedroom. Normally, I do not have anything against periwinkle, but for adult bedroom trim? C'mon. I would describe the former owners of our new old house as aesthetically schizophrenic because our kitchen is painted in a tasteful mocha color, but two bedrooms have periwinkle trim.

I am not sure why we have waited to paint our bedroom only after the dining room, living room, guest room and bathroom, but we did. It will take one coat of primer and two coats of white paint to make the periwinkle nothing but a distant nightmare.

Soon, Toffee Crunch will cover the sunshine yellow and I will be at peace in my calmly painted bedroom.

My painting wardrobe is really something quite special.

If a person didn't know better (and they didn't look too closely at my lil' wrinkles), they might think I was straight out of 1991. I was sporting a hairstyle that I thought was hot back then. You know the one, sides pulled up in a ponytail holder. It has been awhile since my hair has actually been long enough to pull this sexy hairstyle off. However, because I no longer perm my hair, I didn't have to scrunch the sides to get it properly bouncy...and no gel.

Please sense the sarcasm.

Along with the retro hair-don't, I wore my first pair of cut-off jean shorts that I have worn in probably 15 years. It just felt right to cut the jeans off and make them my new painting shorts. I guess all rules are off when you are trying to rid your house of PERIWINKLE TRIM.


pat said...

i just cringed. and i'm a dude.

shelly said...

ever since my first 64-color box, periwinkle has been my favorite color. i have a periwinkle cell phone, the new laptop that i want to buy is periwinkle. i even have periwinkle polish for my toes. but if someone put it on my walls or trim.... we'd have words.

shelly said...

oh, and also, it is just a diservice to your reader to not provide a picture of your fashionista glory.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you have periwinkle bridesmaid dresses (a similar shade to my cornflower blue ones)? Ah, the good old days. Happy anniversary by the way.