Friday, July 27, 2007

Midwestern Rant: It's All About Me Shoppers

Here's the deal, people.

The self-check out is beautiful thing when you are at the super market. In theory. Why then, do people make it into an ugly mess with their enormous shopping cart of food for the week.

The self-check out is NOT NOT NOT for your weekly groceries! It is for the shopper who carries the little hand basket with a few items. The shopper who just stopped in for some juice and eggs. Don't be one of those people who are soooooooo bothered with human contact that they cannot be bothered to have a trained cashier check out their weeks worth of groceries.


Oh, and I will give you the dirty "I'm judging you" eyes. You deserve them.

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Dana B. said...

You know what I do? Complain loudly to the poor cashier/self checkout babysitter guy that they should make self checkout express only. They always tell me that they've tried, but can't. However, my hope it that is makes Ms. Cartfulloshitcantworkselfcheckout feel bad.

--Dana B.