Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Good One

Every weekend, I have been able to hang about with friends and family. Courtney returned to Philadelphia this weekend. I am sure I had something to do with the visit, but I know that she was missing Lewis the Cat too. They were able to spend some quality time together as we squeezed in plenty of snacks, backyard time, and beers.

Stephen brought over his ipod speakers and now I have a new tech gadget to long for. There are so many reasons why I should own ipod speakers, but they are all too boring to list here. Stephen was a trooper when Courtney took the reigns of the DJ and shuffled through my diverse guilty pleasure collection on the ipod. Even though Stephen's guilty pleasure is not as embarrassing as my own, he hung in there and enjoyed each funk and/or 80's pop tune because of the company.

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