Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Know I Might Be Missing Out

There are many movies that I have not seen and probably won't because, well, I have issues.

Issue #1
I do not like to be sad. Not since the mediocre Step Mom have I had a emotional meltdown in the theater. Seriously. I had to wait at least five minutes after the movie ended for me to leave the theater because I was crying too much. It was just too sad.

There is no way of knowing what movie will do it to me. Could be those sappy animal movies where Old Yeller/Skip/Wilbur/Charlotte/Air Bud will create that thump in my throat. Could be that elderly person that has Alzheimer's disease and doesn't remember the life they have just lived. Often, it is a child crying for something.

There are topics that are just too sad. I have tried to watch movies like Sophie's Choice or Saving Private Ryan, but World War II movies are just heart-wrenching sad. Maybe they remind me of my grandfather who couldn't speak of his time in the Pacific without becoming emotional.

Okay. I guess I just have one issue in this area.


shelly said...

i have movie issues too. i don't like to be sad either, but not necessarily because of content, but manipulation. a voice cracking or "cry-now music" starts to play and i am in pieces and i feel used. a fine example would be fucking steel magnolias. i have seen it enough times to have had it memorized for years, but i still cry. without the element of newness or suprise, this shouldn't happen.

my bigger issue, however, is the disturbing quality of certain films. and they are almost always brilliant films. i have a list in my head of "films i am glad i saw and will never see again. i think i'll blog on that list today. thanks for the idea.

Carm said...

My cry no matter what film is Terms of Endearment. Sometimes watching a film that will make me cry is a relief because I can't cry over REAL things? But I'm with you, Shelly... CONTRIVED tear jerking drama really does bug me. I recently watched a classic example of that, but right now can't remember the film.

I guess I'd rather be entertained in a pleasant way too!

Anonymous said...

I bawl my eyes out whenever I watch When a Man Loves a Woman (Meg Ryan, Andy Garcia). I know this isn't exactly an Oscar-winning movie, but for some reason I cry at the beginning, middle and end. Sara, I think there's something to the child being sad thing.