Monday, July 09, 2007

Really? A Honk?

I realize that I have complained about drivers many, many times. But I have to. I just have to.

There are so many things that I do not understand about drivers here. And yes, it is only here.

Why do you give me the stink eye when I give you the courtesy to use my blinker to change lanes and give you more than enough room? Is the stink eye really necessary along with the double honk? I KNOW I gave you enough time and space, yet you feel some how wronged in this world that we share. Did I take a chunk out of your manhood as you drive your Honda sedan? By letting a law abiding driver change lanes, will it make your trip any longer? No. I drive at a quick pace and keep the flow going.

What it boils down to is that people who are normally nice and respectful get their ugly on when they are driving. They feel safe because they have all of that steel and glass around them and we are in motion.

Really, it is fine. Go ahead and give me the stink eye because I will just wonder in my mind why you have such anger when you get behind the wheel, but you better hope that you don't honk at the wrong Philaldelphian. I hear they can get nasty when the stink eye is given.


pat said...

DON'T. come to georgia. people absolutely HATE each other in when they get in their cars here. and with good reason. we have the worst drivers in the history of ever. people here honk if you LOOK LIKE you are THINKING about pulling out. EVEN IF your pulling out will affect them in no way. a couple of weeks ago i pulled out going right, and a guy going the OTHER WAY honked at me and shook his fist out the window. MY PULLING OUT AFFECTED HIM IN NO WAY!! it's ridiculous. i want to move to a city with mass transportation.

Anonymous said...

I admit it. I can be a mean driver. If someone cuts in front of me when there isn't adequate space, I honk my horn. If someone does something stupid, especially because they're on the phone, I honk my horn. I like to think it makes them feel stupid or embarrassed, and maybe they'll think twice about doing it next time. Or at least that's how I justify it to myself.