Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lewis the Cat

Meet Lewis. He is living with us for three weeks. Tim and I consider ourselves foster pet parents. I have never had a pet any time in my life, but Tim had Susie the Dog and Casper the Cat. He is much more comfortable with animals than I am. However, Lewis and I are getting used to each other.

He spent the first three days in our dusty basement. He has explored the rest of the house today. He likes to do what I call "test rests". He will lay down at a variety of spots around the house, testing them out. He only spends about two minutes in each location. Then, he tests out another spot.

This is Lewis testing out the bottom of the steps.


pat said...

i love cats. i'm a cat lover in a dog-loving environment. whenever i visit my mom, i enjoy playing with the monster tabby (bailey) and the cute little siamese kitten (bogart).

she DID just adopt a stray dog (hobbes), and he's a lotta fun, too, but the cats are just awesome. especially bailey. he weighs nine hundred thousand pounds (small exaggeration), and he's makes wierd faces and noises when you scratch him on the back right above his tail. it's also fun to watch him beat up the kitten. and the dog.

Courtney said...

Awesome shout out to my Lewis! I'm sure he's very appreciative of the love and home you and Tim are am I.

Eyes said...

Awe....He looks stressed out...not quite sure of the camera, perhaps?

Pets are the very best friends you could ever ask for! You've missed something really special that develops when you get to know another creature and learn to communicate with them. It's a huge part of the joy in my life!