Friday, March 30, 2007

Bum Foot

Normally, I do not go a week without posting on my blog, but this week has been anything but normal.

I started out the week by falling five stairs at my house. It was really nothing, but I did fall funny on my left foot. I didn't even think about the fall until Tuesday night when the foot really started to hurt. It only got worse since I had a field trip the next day, and of course, I couldn't NOT go. By Thursday, I was cursing whoever thought of stairs in the first place because of the pain. I broke down and went to the doctor.

If you know me at all, if I go to the doctor, it has to be bad. I go for a yearly physical and that is about it. I haven't even taken a prescription in four years. I don't have a phobia or anything. I am just a healthy person.

I use the term healthy in a loose sense of the word.

I got an x-ray today and it is not broken, but it still hurts. The recommendation was to wear tight, hard soled shoes and to stay off of it. This is going to prove difficult since my friend is coming to town for a week and we have NYC on the agenda.

I could bore you with the other details of my week, but I won't. Instead, I will give you some teasers about what I have been thinking about and therefore, will write about on the blog.

1. Why I get annoyed when people go " fun" when I tell them I am a kindergarten teacher.
2. The perfect recipe for pancakes and I don't even love pancakes.
3. My frustrations with cleaning old radiators, the kind that coil and stand up. Suggestions will be needed.
4. Photos of the mystery flowers in my new yard. I love that I have no idea what will pop up on any day. Right now, daffodils. My favorite.
5. My adventures with Kecia through Philadelphia and NYC. Two words, friends. Ghost Tour.

So much to look forward to reading, right?

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