Monday, March 12, 2007

Validate the Inner 5th Grader in You

Try to name the 50 states in five minutes. Don't cheat. I got to 48 and couldn't think of Utah and West Virginia. See, now you won't forget those two states. I worked west to east. Most people have a hard time with the midwest, but I find the Northeast the most difficult.


Reddog said...

Didn't you learn the 50 states song in 5th grade?
That way it's easy to remember-they're in alphabetical order

Anonymous said...

Reddig, I remember learning 2 versions of the song - both in alphabetical order. There was a song about the presidents too but unfortunately I can't remember that one...I remember it ended "Ronald Reagan's the president now" - a little outdated.


rachelzana said...

I missed Nevada and Delaware.

Dana B. said...

This helped keep my brain active. I did it on paper because that website is dependent upon being able to spell the states correctly, which I cannot do. I got 48 too. Eventually I got Nebraska after some time, but never did think of Kansas.