Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday: My Job

1. Everyday, I get to drive by a pond that is home to some unusually pleasant geese and ducks. (I took that picture from my car.) We get to feed the ducks for recess when we desire to do so.

2. My job is messy. When I taught third and fourth grade, things were pretty tidy. In kindergarten, concepts and ideas are so new that there is nothing out of the ordinary to try. We painted with spaghetti the other day as we discuss Jackson Pollock.

3. I wear jeans a lot. Basically, I wear jeans because I get very dirty.

4. I have never had a reason to buy rain boots until this year because we are always walking around the campus where we discover puddles and mud. Check out my new rain boots. I almost got ones with cupcakes on it, but thought I might wear these places other than kindergarten.

5. It is rare to find grown ups that are as passionate about topics like snakes, dinosaurs, legos, princesses, and letters as kindergartners. We could all learn a lesson in passion from them.

6. The hours. You can't beat 'em.

7. I get to sing songs everyday and I have an adoring crowd that can't wait to sing a long.

8. My day goes so fast. There is rarely a minute to sit down and relax. My days never drag on and on.

9. It gives me lots of opportunities to take pictures and make imovies on my computer. If I were just making imovies of myself, I'd feel a little funny about that.

10. I have three recesses a day.


Eyes said...

That's great that you love your job so much. How are you? I never hear from you anymore :(

pat said...

all i have to say is, #10 is AWESOME.

nice boots, too.

(the word that i have to type in for security is 'dbeersht.' that is funny.)

Amanda said...

It is very unusual to find a nice goose. I like to feed ducks too. Your day sounds great. I wish I was in your kindergarten class!

I made some Special K bars today. I think of you every time I make them.

rachelzana said...

You inspire! I am SOOOOO letting my kids paint with the leftover spaghetti I have in the fridge! I wish Sarah could be in your kindergarten. You are Superteacher!