Saturday, March 17, 2007

What is Yummy This Week

Red Pepper Jelly over Cream Cheese
I love LOVE this little appetizer. I usually save it for when people come over, but that is nonsense. If I have the jelly and the cream cheese, I am going to eat it with some good water crackers. This is essential because the water cracker doesn't break like other crackers. You can get red pepper jelly at most gourmet food stores, but if you are without a good shop, check out this link.

Turtle Chex Mix
Have you tried this yet? Whoa. It is so tasty, but if you have portion control problems like I do, you might want to take a little and threaten yourself with severe punishment if the bag is reopened. Oh, you'll want more, but don't do it. Enjoy the caramel, chocolate, and nuts in this yummy treat a little at a time.

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Reddog said...

You know I also am a huge fan of the pepper jelly. I actually had some this weekend. I enjoy it with a wheat thin.