Saturday, March 03, 2007

Three Minutes of My Saturday

"Again with the grocery store stories, Sara?"

Yes. I can't help myself. The grocery store is a place where I experience what I can only describe as a mini bi-polar episode with the highs of a good deal and the lows of being stuck between two dueling elderly ladies fighting to get by the little stand of Quaker Oats in the middle of the aisle.

Yet, today, the grocery store just got me thinking about jobs in general. The checker did not speak a single word to me. Not a 'hello'. Not a 'thank you'. Not even a total. I even expected a paper or plastic, but I was so fearful that this man might lunge across the counter at me from his obvious angry place that I just bagged those groceries as fast I as I could.

I have been there. Grocery checking is the worst job that I have ever had. I thought it would be great. I would get to wear the funny jump suit that we were forced to wear at Hugo's Grocery Store. I would just stand, scan, and bag.

Oh no. Big mistake. I had to make a lot of small talk. If I didn't, the customers would get angry and think I was rude. If I did make the small talk, the customers that were waiting would get annoyed because I wasn't able to small talk and check at a rate that was satisfactory to them. I couldn't win.

However, I could always utter a greeting and a 'have a good day'. That was never hard. Apparently, my cashier today just could not be bothered with such pleasantries.

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Amanda said...

Remember when we were going to work at Hugo's together??

I do. I worked there. You didn't.

I can't blame you for not going back there. It wasn't as great at I thought it would be either.