Friday, March 23, 2007


I am not sure if this is going to come as a surprise little fact about Philadelphia for you midwesterners or not, but Philly-folk love their convenience stores. In particular, they love Wawa. You cannot go half a mile in any direction without having a Wawa at your disposal. I have NEVER gone to a Wawa when it hasn't been busy. People use it for everything. They get sandwiches, fruit cups, shakes, coffee, ANYTHING. I once found gravy in sipable form at a WAWA. I wish I was kidding.

People rank their WAWAs. They have their number one WAWA and a back up if needed. I just don't recall the big love for convenience stores in the midwest. Maybe in Iowa, where the fountain soda flows from about 25 different spouts, but there is as much commitment and love for WAWA as if it were a grocery store. Why don't people just go to the grocery store?


Anonymous said...

I don't really know why I love WAWA so much. It just seems so "convenient." There's something about going to the grocery store that seems like a pain.

Incidentally, my #2 WAWA has now become #1 as I am recently disgusted by #1's night management.
Which brings me to another point. Most WAWAs are 24/7, which is helpful if I'm craving a chipwich at 2am.


Dana B. said...

You are right, I hate going to a strange WaWa and usually insist that we go to the one by the train station. The only problem with WaWa is that you will always come out smelling like WaWa. Even if you only went in for a pack of sour patch kids to sneak in to the movies.

Dree said...

Oh, I LOVE my Wawa. It's the best!!! After a night of drunken debauchery, we always ended up at Wawa for a 2 AM turkey shorti and a gatorade (great for kicking a hangover before it starts). Of course, that was in my younger days... :)