Monday, September 12, 2005

Forensic Backlash

I am so easily annoyed by the littlest things. The super-saturation of network television with forensic, crime-solving dramas has become the thorn in my backside. Of course, the networks' schedule doesn't affect my daily life, but I can be bothered none the less.

Let's take this one network at a time.

ABC-the network that was the ugly duckling of network television and has turned into what I think is the most risk-taking network with the exception of Wife Swap and According to Jim. They don't have a single crime solving drama in their fall line up.

NBC-the network that is having that feeling that most 13 year olds suffer from when they realize that their long time friend has dumped him/her for the much cooler and hip friends...

Crossing Jordan-Hot coroner who gets herself into danger and solves mysteries at the same time. She likes to say things like, "I think she was murdered."

Law and Order...Regular, SVU, and CI-Talk about milking a cow dry. I used to be a junkie, but I have detoxed.

Medium-She sees dead people...oh, and they help her solve mysteries.

CBS-the biggest offender in this crime-ridden primetime.

CSI...Regular, Miami, and New York-That is a lot of corpses.

NCIS-Do you see a pattern? You have to know your abbreviations to even start to investigate these crimes. CBS would like you to believe that this show is somehow different than CSI, but it is CSI with a military flava'. Long story short...Marines and Navy solve crimes.

Numb3rs-You know how you would never use that Algebra in the real world, well it helps you solve mysteries and crimes in LA.

Without a Trace-The FBI finds missing persons in NYC with a little office romance thrown in for good measure.

FOX-even the independent FOX has fallen into the crime solving business...

Bones-That is the best they could do? Since other shows already have detectives, mathematicians, cororners, and Psychics, FOX had to do them one better...Anthropologists. Now that is hot.

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Kratz said...

It's not really a forensics show, but CBS is coming out with "Criminial Minds," about FBI profilers.