Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A New Green Me

Jealousy is my new thing. I know it is one of the seven deadly sins and all, but as REO Speedwagon would say, I just can't fight the feeling.

And before you get too concerned about my fraying moral fiber, take this jealousy with a big grain of sodium chloride (salt...I am married to a chemist).

This envy can rear its ugly head at any moment, but it usually blossoms in conversations with friends and family. Even though I get jealous, I am more a sadist when it comes to my jealous tendencies. I love to hear about things from my friends and family and then, I get all jealous. I hear about parties that my friends in the midwest went to and get jealous, but must hear about them. I hear about even meetings that my friends have gone to and I am jealous. I hear about going to my old favorite restaurants in the midwest and become green.

I think most people feel jealousy over materialistic ventures, but not me. They can have it all. I just want some socialization. I want to go to a party. I want to sit on someone's patio with a drink in my hand having a terrific, once in a lifetime conversation where I never want the night to end, a night out with the girls for some margaritas, a long talk (in person) with a close friend. I keep it simple. My jealousy is not the type where I am not happy for people, I just want it too.

I am giving myself permission to be jealous of...
- my friend Steve who is on day eleven of his trip to London.
- my mom who gets to get her hair cut tomorrow by the same woman who has cut her hair for a few years...I would love that.
- my friend Kecia who went to scrapbooking camp where all she did was scrapbook.
- my friend Jodi who owns a Hyvee gift card that she uses strictly for Diet Coke, fountain style.
- my friend Jason who gets to go to meetings and discuss important things. I would love to discuss important things.
- my friend Jeff who is going to help with technology at my old school...super jealous.
- my friend Sara who went out to eat with her in-laws for dinner.
- my husband Tim who goes to lunch with his co-workers.

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