Wednesday, September 14, 2005

You've Got to Be Kidding!

It really takes very little to make me happy. Yesterday, I entered my car, put the window down because it was a comfortable 80 degrees. I turned on my CD player because I had just put in a mix of songs from the musical "Wicked" and some other singable tunes. I used to car about singing with the windows down when I lived in North Dakota and Iowa, but I no longer worry about that. No one knows me or will remember that crazy lady who was singing the showtunes.

I was returning home after an afternoon teaching pre-school. Things were pretty good in my world. I was sitting at a traffic light in the left lane when all of the sudden, I saw this man in the right lane roll down his window. I didn't think much of it until I saw that he was sticking his head out of the window.

Was he going to tell me to put a cork in it?

Was he going to ask for directions?

No. He spit all over my windshield. He was a large man who was smoking a big, brown cigar. Middle aged. I was stunned. I was left thinking about the decency of people. Someone asked me if this was an accident. Absolutely not. He spit in the direction of the left lane where the traffic was backed up for quite some time. He just didn't care where his business landed.

Now, how I handled this is the next question. No, I didn't honk or give the 'granny fist' that I am famous for using...I have since retired those antics since moving east for fear of the consequences. Instead, I quickly recovered from my shock at this display of grossness by spraying my windshield wiper fluid as fast as I could so that it could have either landed on this guys care, but even better, in his open window. I can't say either way which one happened, but it left me shaking my head back and forth.

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firedancerdancin said...


did you cut him off or something, or was he just a really icky, icky man?