Sunday, September 25, 2005

My Girl Date

Last night I went on a girl date.

What is a girl date, you ask? Exactly what it sounds like. I went to dinner with a girl to see if we have a connection and maybe become lifelong friends, or at least, hang out again.

Courtney works with me at Borders and was a trainee with me. She is new to the area and starting her graduate school career. She gave me a call this week to see if I wanted to go to supper together on Saturday night. First of all, Courtney is terrible cool just for calling someone up who she hardly knows, I dig her risk-taking personality already. Of course, I said yes because I like going out to eat and I am in the market for friends.

She came over to our apartment. Right away, she started giving me some dish from the bookstore and it was another sign that we could be friends because I also like to dish. We intended on going to a Vietnamese restaurant, but we didn't find anything in my neighborhood, so we ate Chinese food. The service was mediocre, the food was below average, but the conversation was outstanding. My girl date was well on its way to being a success!

We walked back to my apartment discussing where to get our hair cut, our shared love of Dairy Queen, and the woes of being a new comer to the Main Line of Philadelphia. We had some dessert and coffee back at my apartment. Like a regular date, there comes a point when you have decide if you want to see this person again, but that was without question not an issue. We made plans to visit the Reading Terminal Market next Saturday for more food adventures.


pat said...

Girl Date? YOWZA! Good times.

YOU WORK AT BORDERS?? I go to borders like three or four times a week. I'm glad you are getting to know new people in your new city.

Eyes said...

I am so happy for you for finding friends! That's so awesome!!

freddie's dead said...

did you guys kiss? just wondering.