Saturday, September 03, 2005


Today, I my task was simple...cook a delicious meal for my dinner guests, Alli and Paul. Paul is my cousin who lives only 45 minutes away from me. My second task, clean my apartment from top to bottom. I keep a pretty tidy apartment as it is, but I wanted to do some heavy-duty cleaning. Little did I know that my heavy-duty cleaning would disrupt the living quarters of the largest, biggest, most ferocious spider I had ever seen in any of my actual homes.

Being from North Dakota, we don't grow our arachnids large. We think if they are about the size of a dime, that is big...but this spider was a little bigger than a quarter. Its legs were thick too, no visible hair, which is good. When I stumbled upon this spider, I was by myself and I yelled, "Oh My God!", froze, abandoned my first instinct to grab my digital camera because I feared my new eight-legged friend would disappear only to reappear crawling across my body as I sleep, and grabbed Tim's big brown shoe and smashed it. Its guts went was a juicy one.

I did not clean it up until Tim arrived five minutes later because I was like a dog...I wanted some praise for my kill. I am disturbed by the fact that such a large spider was living among us, but like GWB says, I will stay the course. I will keep up on my cleaning in order to head off any spider dwellings.

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firedancerdancin said...

sara, i can tell you honestly, that one of the biggest things for me to get over was my massive fear of large insects. When they say everything is bigger in texas, they really don't lie.

There was a tarantula living outside an office building i worked at way back when. a big, hairy, disgusting tarantula. (and the regular old spiders are massive too--we have these weird crab looking ones that are living around our yard right now).

Scorpions are fun too.

I had never even SEEN a roach until i moved to texas, and we grow them very large, and they like to run really really fast stright at you.

The moths are like small birds, i kid you not---

all, in all, the bugs down here, are NOT my friends.

ew. ew ew ew ew ew!!!

good luck with your new insect friends!