Friday, September 09, 2005

Travel Vouchers Bug

The most annoying thing to me at this very moment are my free travel vouchers. I had never accepted free travel vouchers before, but accepted a bump in June because, hey, what doesn't sound good about free travel vouchers, right? Well, I didn't discover until tonight that they only reserve so many free tickets for flights. For example, we want to travel to North Dakota for Thanksgiving and we were unable to book a free flight because they didn't have any left. I wonder how many there were to start with? Then, we thought we'd try to schedule flights to Memphis for Christmas. Nope. Spoiled again.

I can understand and appreciate how we are trying to use these vouchers for the busiest travel time of the year, so I tried booking a flight to Des Moines at the beginning of November. Nope. They wanted to me to fly out Friday at noon and leave on Sunday at 6AM...that is not nearly enough time in Des Moines. So, we are left with vouchers that can be free...if you have somewhere to go where no one else wants to go and no one else has a voucher.

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