Friday, September 02, 2005

Pretzel Nirvana

I cannot believe how cheap it is to eat out here. I am not talking about the type of restrauant that you have a waiter/waitress, but the quick pizza and cafes in our neighborhood. In my neighboorhood alone, there are at least four cheap pizza places where you can go and get a slice for under two bucks. Today, I picked Tim up from work and we went to the Main Line Pretzel Factory. I thought it would be like one of those places like in the mall, but there wasn't a table in the joint. Just a counter, some pretzels, and a lady who sells them. We bought three awesome pretzels for $1.50! They were the perfect pretzel with soft insides and slightly tough outside. We bought the pretzels, two cups of cheese, and one pop and our total was $3.75!

I have also come to know that the money we save on cheap places to eat we spend on other things on the east coast. groceries themselves are a lot more expensive. For example, I used to get all of our sandwich meat from the deli for about $5-6 a pound in Iowa. Now, it is about $8-10 a pound.

The pretzel really made my day.


Anonymous said...

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Dree said...

Sounds like a good deal... but you're gonna have to learn how to say "soda" out here. We don't know what "pop" is. :)

Mathman said...

Looks like you've got another advertisement in your comments.

Anonymous said...

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