Thursday, September 01, 2005

Mr. President, Tell it like it is, Please.

I don't understand why President Bush talks down to America?

When he is asked a direct question, he vague and dumbs down the answer. He thinks we will be fine with a cliche line like "Help is on the way" when asked a direct question about why it is taking so long? That is not what Diane Sawyer asked, President!!!

You have to watch this interview. Maybe my tendency to be disgruntled with the man is clouding my objectivity in this interview, but for Pete's sake, President...quit smiling and laughing...your people are dying and sick and you need to be honest with them.

  • GWB Good Morning America Interview

    firedancerdancin said...

    i am in complete and utter DISGUST with the situation right now--

    our government is pitiful, and continually proves to be so subpar that I genuinely fear for the future.

    i'm disgusted to say this, but i fear we are witnessing racism at its worst right now...In 200and f'n 5! Think about it.


    Anonymous said...

    For some reason, every time I try to view the clip, I am asked to buy one of their services. I am unable to view the clip!!! RealNetworks is the one causing my troubles, damn it!

    Eyes for Lies

    Tim said...

    Racism... Huh?