Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Tomorrow, I will start my career as a pre-school teacher. I have had plenty of personal experience with four and five year olds, yet no professional experience. I am trying to remember what four and five year olds are like. I am trying to remember what I was like at that age.

At my high school reunion, a classmate pointed out that several of us were in the same pre-school class! That is quite a memory. So, of course, we took a picture.

I don't remember much from that time, but I do remember a healthy obsession with fairy tales, specifically, princesses...Cinderella being my favorite. I had several different versions of the book. I remember liking to play dress-up. I remember I really liked to sing. I remember that I would get in trouble at pre-school and church school for talking a lot. I have been told that I didn't like people with loud voices. I also could not say my Rs. My name was "Sawa". For example, I would pronounce REFRIGERATOR like "Wefwidgawata" was like that for a good four years into elementary school.

I am a little nervous that I will not be a natural with this age group. I think the children make it easy to interact with them. Children at this age like it when adults listen, play, sing, and enjoy them. This is my plan.


Eyes said...

You were the cutiest little thing ever! Oh my god!


You had the face that could have sold a million things!!

Dree said...

Good luck with the new job! I'm sure the antics of pre-schoolers will provide lots of stories for the blog. Can't wait to read about it!