Monday, August 22, 2005

McDonald's and Movies

I like to watch movies but I have this rule. I don't watch movies where I know what happens. However, this rule applies to real life events only, not books or musicals that have been turned into movies. It may shock some of you, but I have never seen, nor want to see The Titanic. This has been a cinematic tragedy for my friend Steve who reminds me a couple times a year that I should see the movie. I refuse. I know what happens. The boat sinks.

When I use this arguement, people usually try to convince me with "Well, there is a romance." These people must not know me very well because romance isn't going to sell it with me.

Pearl Harbor. Miracle. The Passion. I know what happens. We all have movie pathologies and I have written about them before today, but I just can't watch these types of movies. Two hours is a lot of time, people...and for most of these movies, they stretch into the three hour zones.


Amanda said...

I realized that I don't like to watch main-screen movies on TV. I don't like to be interupted with commercials. I don't like when the lips say one thing and the "g-rated" voiceover says another. I also don't like missing the first 30 minutes of a movie just becasue I didn't have the TV on yet.

Rhiannon said...

Sara - I have a suggestion for you. Try watching these movies NOT for the story, since you already know what happens, but instead for the eye candy. Like Leo and Josh Hartnett. But then again I'm a sucker for big eyebrows (and chick flicks).