Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My Oil Change

I was all business yesteday. I returned somethings to the mall. I got a new shower curtain. I got my oil changed.

During all my task-driven behavior, I do tend to lose my mind a little.

At the Honda Center, I waited patiently for my oil change. They were so quick about it. The man handed me my keys and said, "It's out front." I paid my bill and walked out front and got into my car. I looked around in my car. It was a lot cleaner than I had left it. Also, the vents were all closed which was strange to me. Hey! The keys are already in it!

This is not my car!

So, I hopped out and took a good look at the mystery car to affirm that it did look exactly like my car as to not appear crazy. I walked briskly to my car and drove away. I was mildly embaressed. That kind of stuff always happens to me.


Rhiannon said...

It happens to a lot of us. I got lost in the skyways, buildings and parking ramps in downtown Minneapolis today. Luckily I was with a coworker and we eventually figured it out.

pat said...

I am listening to Naked as we Came right now. I was looking on myspace to see if colin hay had a thing on there. he sings that song "i just don't think i'll ever get over you," from garden state. it's my favorite song right now.

oh and by the way, most cars have these things called license plates on them. yours will most likely be different from everybody else's. if you get confused as to which car is yours, take a gander there. :)

Marisa Solberg said...

Isn't that what the panic button is for, just push it and you will hear your car!

Eyes said...

I did that once in a parking lot at a mall.

I got my keys, opened the lock and got in!!

Then I realized that everything was strange and this wasn't "my" car YET MY KEYS WORKED.

It was spooky.

I was so freaked out that I ran to my car and got out of there. I hope I locked his car. I have no idea if I did or did not!