Thursday, August 25, 2005

Girl Crushes

I watched The Today Show this morning, which is a rare thing for me. However, I was lucky enough only to watch the last quarter of the show when they are discussing very froo-froo topics. Today, the hot topic was GIRL CRUSHES. This is something that I know something about. I usually share my celebrity girl crush with people in discussions about movies or television shows. At this moment, my celebrity girl crush is Scarlett Johannson.

On The Today Show, they were referencing an article in The New York Times where they discussed how most women develop girl crushes. This has nothing sexual about it. It is the idea that women meet someone, feel a kindred spirit type personality, want to see them again, think they are fantastic, and think about them. There is nothing sexual, but I won't say nothing romantic...because I use the term romantic for more than just roses and candy. It is romantic to find someone who is like you and you find facinating and exceptional and want to be friends.

The article shares that for generations, women have denied these girl crushes where just generations before shared them and wrote about them. Recently, while cleaning out my grandfather's garage, I came across a notebook that was owned by my great-grandmother Annie. There were notes written to her that were so kind and loving and written by other women. I made an immediate connection to what the author was sharing in the New York Times article.

Not only the notes from the past that I discovered, but that this system of girl crush is exactly how all of my friendships in adulthood have transpired. I meet someone, think they are fantastic, want to hang out with them, want to sit around and learn more about them, and eventually, become lifelong friends. Read the article. If you are a girl/woman, you'll make a few connections.


firedancerdancin said...

I wrote about girl crushes in my blog a ways back. The NY Times OBVIOUSLY reads my blog and got the idea for the story from me.

my girl crush is penelope cruz--but not just penelope cruz, but the character she plays in Vanilla Sky. I want to be able to be full of witty and amazingly cute little quips of wisdom. I also have a girl crush on Kate Hudson. She could totally be my friend and we could be hippies and go to concerts together and whatnot.

I heard about scarlett and benecio deltorro or whoever he is (he's like a gazillion times older than she--she IS only 20) doing naughty things in an elevator after an awards show, girl crush for her. :-) BTW, she's on the cover of cosmo and there's a big article about her in it. Heads up.

Rhiannon said...

My latest girl crush is Rachel McAdams. Kim and I were discussing girl crushes (she saw the Today Show thing). We agreed that we think of girl crushes differently than the show described. We think it's when you admit to finding another woman attractive and that IF you were to swing both ways, she would be the type of person you'd want to swing with.

Anonymous said...

angelina. i love her. go team jolie!